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December 21, 2009

G5 to release PC hits on iPhone

G5 Entertainment announces that iPhone games The Mystery of the Crystal Portal and Supermarket Management have been submitted to Apple’s approval for release on the iPhone, and will become available on the App Store soon.

The original PC game The Mystery of the Crystal Portal, developed by Artogon, is one of the most popular hidden object games of all time. The game has spent a total of over 1000 days in Top 10 charts of the leading casual game portals (, and is a winner of the first annual Great Game Awards, held in Seattle in July 2009. The Mystery of the Crystal Portal for the iPhone is developed and published by G5 Entertainment under the licensing agreement with Artogon.

The original PC game Supermarket Management, developed by Playful Age, is inspired by the success of G5’s Supermarket Mania game, and takes supermarket simulation genre further by offering new opportunities to develop and upgrade your stores. The game was released through major casual game portals in 2009 and instantly became popular. Supermarket Management for the iPhone is developed and published by G5 Entertainment under the licensing agreement with Playful Age.

Both iPhone games allow the player to post achievements to Facebook, and use optional iPhone in-app purchases to purchase useful in-game items.
December 16, 2009

Virtual City for PC is Available for Download

G5 Entertainment, known for its best-selling PC franchises Supermarket Mania, Mahjongg Artifacts, and Stand O’Food, today announced Virtual City for PC.

In Virtual City, players build and develop the city of their dreams, whether suburban utopia or bustling metropolis. Virtual City players begin by choosing from dozens of residential homes and industrial buildings, and the possibilities from there are limitless. As their cities grow, players can produce and transport goods, create mass-transit systems, and entertain their city’s residents with parks, cinemas, stadiums and events. In order to keep the city safe and its citizens happy and healthy, basic services like healthcare, public safety, waste collection and recycling must be planned and administered.

Virtual City combines a robust city-building simulation with intuitive, easy to understand controls. First-time players will have no trouble learning how to play; while more experienced gamers will find enough depth and variation to keep them enthralled for hours.

As players construct their cities, they must keep the happiness of their citizens in mind. Virtual City cities must be guided through economic downturns, population crisis and the consequences of natural disasters. All the while, a careful balance of Income, Environment, Population and Happiness must be achieved in order to maintain a content citizenry. 

Additional Virtual City features include:

•    50 challenging levels in five states: Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana, New York
•    18 distinct mission scenarios
•    Free-play mode in five large sandbox maps
•    More than 50 types of buildings, with upgrades available
•    25 types of goods to transport
•    Seven production chains to master
•    16 achievements to earn

Virtual City is available exclusively from the G5 Entertainment Web site at A one-hour trial is available for free, and for a limited time only, players can convert to the full version for only $14.99.

Gamers can also become a fan of G5 Entertainment Games on Facebook at:, where they will receive the latest news on Virtual City and future G5 Entertainment games.
December 09, 2009

G5 Games are Available on PlayStation®3

Following the official announcement of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe regarding the upcoming ability to run PSP® mini games on PlayStation 3, G5 Entertainment announces the compatibility of its PSP mini games Stand O’Food® and Mahjongg Artifacts®: Chapter 2 with the PlayStation 3 minis emulator, meaning that starting December 17th 2009, these games will be available to download and play on PlayStation 3. This expands the potential audience of G5’s PSP minis to virtually all PlayStation 3 owners using PlayStation Network service – that is over 33 million registered PlayStation Network accounts worldwide with average of 5.4 million sign-ins daily, as of November 2009.

More information about minis emulator for Play Station 3 can be found here:

More information about G5 Entertainment can be found at:
For additional information please contact:
December 08, 2009 reviews G5's Stand O’ Food reviews G5's Stand O’ Food. Read the full review here.
December 03, 2009

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe features Stand O’ Food PSP mini in its blog.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe features Stand O’ Food PSP mini in its blog. Click here to see the post.
December 03, 2009

G5 brings PC and iPhone best-seller to PSP

G5 Entertainment, known for its best-selling games Supermarket Mania and Mahjongg Artifacts, today announced the availability of Stand O’ Food mini game for PlayStation®Portable in Europe, and the upcoming availability of the game in USA starting December 10th.

Already a hit on PC and iPhone, Stand O’ Food challenges players to keep a restaurant full of hungry patrons happy in an exciting, fast-paced game. As customers appear, players must cook custom orders quickly enough to keep them satisfied. Stand O’ Food doesn’t only require speed, though—players have to plan carefully to manage their time and ingredients well. Whether it’s a cheeseburger, bacon melt or fish sandwich their customers crave, players have to think fast and prioritize on the fly. Upgrades and power-ups along the way keep Stand O’ Food fresh through hours of challenging gameplay.

Stand O’ Food’s bright visuals, simple controls and addictive gameplay led to the PC version spending 42 days on Real Arcade’s Top Ten and 37 days on Big Fish Top Ten, also making Top Ten appearances on many other portals, and garnering several million downloads. iPhone version of Stand O’Food  reached Top 37 Paid Game position in USA and Top 10 Paid Game positions in many territories around the world.

Stand O’ Food can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network Store with the PlayStation®3, PSP or PSPgo. The game can also be downloaded to PC with MediaGo software and installed to the PSP.

For more information about Stand O’ Food PSP mini, please visit:

The game play video of the game is available on G5 Entertainment YouTube channel at:

Gamers can also become a fan of G5 Entertainment Games on Facebook at:, where they will receive the latest news on Stand O’Food PSP and future G5 Entertainment games.